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Rahmetullah Rafiq


Karadeniz Technical University – International Relations


These educational programs gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal primarily about Turkish culture, civilization and history. Moreover, we also studied the cultures, city structures and arts of the civilizations that lived in this region. We also learned a lot about Turkey’s current domestic and foreign policy in particular, and political science in general. Seminars did not focus only on knowledge, but on thinking as well, and this kind of education was really enjoyable. I wish programs like this were more frequent in Turkey, because especially university students are not very interested in these subjects, so their knowledge about these matters is quite inadequate. This is, in fact, the case in the whole world, and by implementing these programs Turkey proves its awareness in this matter. As a result, I have learned a lot from this education, and I believe that I will have a lifelong benefit from what I have learned here. I would like to express my sincere gratitude first to the Presidency for Turks Abroad that implemented these educational programs, and also to Karadeniz International Student Association.