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Turkey is a unique country where you can unite between Europe and Asia. This would be the most attractive and common statements when you search “study in Turkey” on the internet.

Turkey is a fascinating place not only because it’s placed on two different parts, but also because it has an ancient history, is a synthesis of civilizations, and has tens of different called names like Constantinople. So, what can invite you to study in Turkey?

  • Is it the unique Bosphorus?
  • Is it the famous universities steeped in a century-long history?
  • Is it the vivacious nightlife?
  • Is it the young population?
  • Is it the chaos of traffic, the people or the bustling markets?
  • Is it the easygoing, hospitable and helpful people?
  • Is it the friendly charm of the city, even though it can be crowded and complicated?

Whatever it is, Turkey is bound to provide you an intense and memorable study experience so find out more about what you can study and how can you have fun as a student in Turkey.

Enjoy modern facilities and fantastic research in universities from Turkey

Turkish universities welcome thousands of international students every year, have great campus facilities and all of them engage in top-notch research.

What can you study in Turkey?

Universities in Turkey offer a large number of English-taught programs, particularly for the postgraduate level. There is literally no field of study you won’t find available in one of the many Turkish universities, whether you’re interested in sciences, humanities or even arts.

Make new friendships with cheerful people

Turkey has been hosting many different civilizations, cultures, and religions in the last centuries. You will widen your political as well as for your religious horizon, but most of all, you will encounter hospitable people, always interesting in knowing more about your country and culture.

Don’t be afraid to bargain

As you know, Turkey is the place to bargain…for almost anything. If you don’t bargain with a sales person, you don’t fit in the portrait. Try it at least for fun, even if it’s not your style.

Put on weight because of delicious Turkish cuisine

In Turkey, you won’t be hungry even if you are Muslim, a big meat eater or a vegetarian.

Turkish cuisine is more than a just kebab. Local restaurants serve numerous types of soup, rice, different cheese options, meat dishes accompanied by fruit. And let’s not forget the sweet baklava, lokum (also known as Turkish delights) and plenty of other unique tastes to sample. If you’re in the Grand Bazaar, stop off for lunch or dinner.

One of the most stunning sightseeing places in the world

Although you have to be very careful when you walk on the streets of Turkey as you can easily get lost, there is no street corner or a single spot you won’t find interesting.

Step into the intriguing Turkish history and visit famous mosques like Hagia Sophia, the Mosque of Suleyman and the Topkapi Palace just to see how Ottoman sultans used to live.

Have a unique shopping experience and walk through one of the numerous bazaars, such as Gultepe Bazaar and taste and admire products, from thousands of spices to leather purses.

Have a walk with the ferry boats, crossing the continent while you are sipping your Turkish black tea in a typical tulip shaped glass.

Make a one-day trip to Prince’s Island to escape the bustling city atmosphere and indulge yourself relaxing activities, like walks, shopping or making a picnic.

All in all, Turkey welcomes you every time! Not only for studying but also for having fun and traveling, Turkey is a great place to come to.