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International students, who will study in Turkey through Turkiye Scholarship, are taken under the coverage of ‘general health insurance’ in order to give them equal, qualified and comprehensive health services, which are supplied by the Turkish government.

Within the framework of ‘Scholarship of Turkey’, health expenses of current students are covered by their universities in certain circumstances. Students with ‘general health insurance’ can benefit from state hospitals without a fee and also private hospitals paying a moderate (Contribution) fee.

Students, who are treated in hospitals or health centers, can be examined by submitting their ‘ health insurance card’ which is given by the Ministry of Health. The medications prescribed by doctors can be supplied from the pharmacies just paying a moderate (Contribution) fee. Pharmacies are open until 19:00 every day. Also, there are on-duty pharmacies after that time.


For the On-Duty Pharmacies:

Ankara :
İstanbul :
Antalya :
Konya :
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Bursa :