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The Turkish modern education system is a free and questioning, one that respects differences, one that respects a society where people are all equal disregard of their religion, language and race, one that will contribute to the development of Turkey in science, art, religion and language fields. It is also a system which aims to raise individuals distant from prohibitions and oppressive societies.

Turkey is one of the two countries in the world which have territories in both Asia and Europe. This feature allows Turkey to carry different cultural and world views at the same time. From its architecture to music, from the cuisine to literature and in all fields of culture, Turkey’s pluralistic  structure is outstanding.

As Turkey progresses towards membership in the European Union on one hand, it is an active country in regional and global developments on the other hand. It has been in the center of events that changed the course of history and it is also home to common civilizations. Contributing to peace in these civilizations with its different colors is counted as one of its primary tasks.

Turkey with its unique natural beauties, can experience four seasons in one year. Besides this, Turkey has made a name for itself all over the world in recent years with its economic and social success. By being the world’s 16th and Europe’s 6th largest economy, Turkey has become one of the world’s fastest-growing  countries.

Turkey is willing to share this experience with other countries. Turkey which welcomes students from more than 150 countries, through the Turkish scholarships, opens the doors of its universities which give education on international standards to students from all around the world.

The education got from Turkish universities in desired courses with a wide range of scholarship opportunities helps students attain new perspectives and helps to provide them with information that will make them advantageous in their careers.

Turkey Scholarships is a program composed of unrequited scholarship programs awarded to students who are to study at higher education level in Turkey.

The purpose of Turkey scholarships is to improve relations between Turkey and other countries and contributing to the global information load through a human-oriented approach.

Students who are awarded Turkish scholarships are placed in universities and in courses that suit their academic history.

Academic Calendar

There are two academic semesters  in Turkish universities namely Fall and Spring . Apart from this, some universities also implement summer school program.

Academic Examination Process

Academic performance in universities in Turkey is determined according to performance and attendance criteria. Universities measure the academic achievement of students through different examinations such as two midterms, a final or a midterm and a final. In some universities systems such as make-up exams or summer school are also applied. In addition to the exams, various assignments and reports are effective in grading students. The course passing grade is generally 60/100 (2.00 / 4.00), although this changes from university to university.

Education language

The candidates are required to prove that they are sufficient in the language that the university they wish to apply to uses(generally Turkish but there are also universities which teach in English, German and French) Students who are admitted to the university but can not meet the condition of the required language are given one year language course by the university they are admitted to. Turkish courses are also offered at universities for international students.