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There are 3 ways of coming to Turkey as a student :

  • Applying to Head of Abroad Turks and Relative Communities’s Turkey scholarship program
  • Entering the YÖS Exam.
  • Applying directly to universities that do not require the YÖS exam results.

Applying to Head of Abroad Turks and Relative Communities’s Turkey scholarship program.Turkey scholarships is a program open to all nationalities every year, a program that offers scholarships to thousands of people who wish to study or research in Turkish universities.. Applications for Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships are usually opened in January-February each year. Undergraduate applications start every March – April. You can learn more about this scholarship by clicking Scholarships.

Another option for those who want to study in Turkish universities is entering the Foreign Student Examination (YOS). In order to enter YÖS examination, you need to contact the university at which you want to study. You can learn more about the YÖS exam on the websites of universities. There are  YÖS exam centers all around the world.You can learn about the cities in which these centers are located  from YÖS exam announcement made on the website of the university you want to apply to. On the hand, if a student wishes, they can come to Turkey well prepared for the YÖS exam and enter it in cities like İstanbul and Ankara. However, due to visa problems in some countries, this does not apply to all students. YÖS applications usually last between March-April-May. Examinations are conducted between the months from May to June. You can learn more about this exam by clicking YÖS and Other exams.

You can apply directly to the universities that do not require YÖS exam results. Some universities in Turkey  directly accept  student applications without subjecting them to any test.This application is evaluated basing on the student’s grade point average and knowledge and skills in the area he / she wants to study. These applications usually start in June – July – August. You can learn more about this topic by clicking on Contact University directly.

If you are found eligible to study in Turkey through one of the ways listed above, we can now confidently say that the first step towards studying in Turkey is completed. The steps that follow after that are;

  1. Addressing Visa Processes

You can learn more about this by clicking  Visa.

  1. Coming to Turkey

After completing the visa process, it is time to now set foot in Turkey. There are direct and indirect flights of Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and Ankara from most points of the world. You can find information about accommodation in Turkey by clicking Accomodation. You can contact us for any information or help before or while coming to Turkey.

  1. Registration to universities

You can learn about this topic by clicking on University Registration.

  1. Getting a residence permit

The information on this topic can be found by clicking Residence Permit in Turkey.

  1. Starting School

If you have finished all these steps above, then your dream has come true. You will progress quickly in the direction of a brilliant career.